Start Your Father’s Day Tradition at a Family Friendly Minnesota Fishing Resort

In the land of ten thousand lakes, fishing is a family tradition that spans generations and can really enhance your family lake vacations. With Father’s Day approaching this weekend, many of us will take to the lake with a pole, a bucket of minnows, plenty of snacks… and Dad, of course!

Most of our fondest childhood memories involved fishing with our dad out on the lake. We would eagerly pile in the boat in hopes to catch “Walter,” the elusive whale-of-a-walleye who lived in local legends and bedtime stories. During all those hours out on the lake, listening to the distant call of the loons, we didn’t realize Dad was instilling life lessons that are still with us today. He taught us to be patient, that nothing worthwhile came easily. He taught us the importance of releasing the small fish to perpetuate population growth. Best of all, he taught us to appreciate the simple things in life including the peace and tranquility that only Minnesota lake fishing can offer.

This Father’s Day, make a point to start your own family tradition. We still have availability this weekend so bring the family to Eagle Ridge Resort to witness the peaceful call of the loons. Start a friendly competition to see who can catch Gull Lake’s “Walter the Walleye!”

Be sure to take a step back and enjoy life’s simple pleasures while making memories that will become traditions in your family for generations to come.