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A pair of Bald Eagles return to Eagle Ridge every year. You can watch them raising their young. In June you can see the adults bringing fish to the juvenile eaglets, and by August you can watch the first flights of those juveniles! In addition, over 70 different species of birds have been identified and documented at our resort.

Eagle Ridge Blog

Why a Trip to Gull Lake is Better than Disney World

Vacations give families and friends the chance to escape their everyday lives to relax and rejuvenate in a peaceful, cherished location. Often, families choose to spend their trip in well-known destinations like Disney World, paying high prices for family fun.
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Amazing Reasons to Take Your Children Fishing

Your kids aren’t going to be little forever, so you should take the opportunity to spend time with them as often as you can. One of the best ways to do this is by taking your child or your children
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Get a Birdie or an Eagle – On the Links, That Is!

Are you interested in getting a birdie or an eagle while spending time at Eagle Ridge Resort? We’re not talking about birdwatching – we are talking about spending a couple of blissful days on a pristine golf course. Eagle Ridge
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