Crankbaits on Blackduck and Gull lakes

Gear up for fall fishing on Blackduck and Gull lakes.

Crankbaits are producing walleyes in 12-15 feet on Blackduck, Gull Lake, and Island lakes. Anglers are also fishing red for fall walleyes. Just a little pro tip from our friends at Timberline Sport-N-Tackle of Blackduck for all you friends of Eagle Ridge Resort!

What’s the big deal with Crankbaits?

Crankbaits for walleye are one the most the widely used artificial lures in any walleye angler’s arsenal. They can be trolled or cranked providing a side-to-side wobble flash that triggers walleyes, or “jerked” for a stop and go retrieve, displaying an erratic action that can be appealing to sluggish biters.

Walleye crankbaits can be slender stick baits, to replicate minnows, or other body types such as shad, smelt, perch, and cisco, displaying wider body profiles. It’s good to have a selection in order to “match the hatch” prevalent in your location and time of year. Size is another key factor for success. Though baits in springtime can be as small as 2”, when fall arrives try using larger 5″-6″ baits. This makes sense as everything has had time to grow, and the walleyes are fattening up for winter.

According to many avid walleye anglers the right retrieval action is important for attracting walleyes. A top-to-bottom roll maximizes the side flash that triggers them to bite.

Walleye crankbaits are classified by length, dive depth, and action (subtle action, moderate action and high action). Late Fall when water temperature is 50 degrees and under, straight minnow type crank baits with subtle action are most successful.

For more info, check out and be sure to visit Eagle Ridge this fall for some great fall fishing!